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ModernControls will replace, repair, or upgrade your HVAC system, improve your building ventilation, air quality, thoroughly clean and sanitize your air conditioning & heating coils, and more. With our help, your building will be a safe environment for occupants by increasing fresh air circulation in indoor spaces and controlling airborne particulates location.

ModernControls also provides advanced building automation services for a more efficient, low-contact environment. We can help you integrate touchless remote-programmable thermostats, touchless sinks and commodes, motion-sensing light switches, and much more. Minimize community contact surfaces, maintain higher standards of sanitation, and lower overhead operating expenses with integrated automation.

Make ModernControls your HVAC installation, servicing, and automation partner.

Commercial HVAC System Maintenance

Professional HVAC Cleaning and Sanitizing

Modern Controls will comprehensively clean and sanitize your building’s air handling equipment to improve air quality, increase air ventilation, improve operating efficiency, and extend the life of your components.

Our cleaning process begins with proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety protocols for our team. As we examine and clean HVAC equipment, we will undoubtedly come into contact with dust particles, insulation, moist air particulates, and other potentially harmful contaminants.  We will bag up and dispose of all PPE after each phase of the process and exercise necessary precautions to prevent redistribution of contaminants into your building.

ModernControl’s Thorough Cleaning Process

Cleaning Fans

  • We manually inspect all fans first. We ensure the fan blades are properly aligned, free of collected dust particles, and are not making contact with any housing surfaces. This inspection guarantees the fans spin at optimal speed, effectively pull air through the filters, and supply clean fresh air to the indoor environment.
  • We use a cleaning solution to remove grease, dust, dirt, and air particulates from the fan blades.
  • We examine and repair fan motors, bearings, and blower assemblies.
  • Lastly, we test and certify air flow to the occupied space.

Cleaning Air Conditioning and Heating Coils

  • We first vacuum the coils to pull out any loose dust and dirt.
  • Next, we rinse the coils, compartment, and drain pans.
  • We then visually inspect for blockages between the fins.
  • We apply a disinfecting solution to the coils to kill mold, mildew, and contaminants which may remain on the coil.


Bipolar Ionization, UV Lighting , and Air Filters

Bipolar Ionization Air Purifiers for Commercial Buildings

Bipolar Ionization (BPI) air purification is one of the most effective ways to kill all airborne particulates. As air passes BPI emitters in your HVAC unit, positively and negatively charged ions are distributed. These ions will circulate in your building and neutralize any airborne viruses, mold and mildew. Dust particles and other airborne contaminants will attach to each other and become large enough to get entrained in the return air stream. Larger particles end up in the air filters resulting in crisp, breathable air throughout your building, which will reduce the risk of viral spread. This process also helps mitigate side effects for people with asthma, COPD, and other respiratory conditions.

HVAC and Rooftop UV Lighting To Eliminate Airborne Viruses

If you’re looking to eliminate the presence of airborne viruses or unfavorable smells which are or may in the future circulate in your building, a UV Light application in your HVAC or rooftop unit is highly recommended. Using both UV-C and UV-V lights on the return air system kills any airborne particles before recirculation. This will thoroughly kill viruses and bad smells on a routine basis.

Improved Allergen and Airborne Particulate Air Filters

We can install MERV-13 air filters in your HVAC system to trap 99% of airborne contaminants in your building. These thick filters have 20x the surface area of a traditional air filter, requiring air to travel through more fibers before entering the HVAC ductwork. This process is extremely effective as a first line of defense against airborne viruses like COVID-19. It’s also an efficient way for continuously purifying the air if people in your building choose to open windows, frequently enter and exit from outside, or have areas without ample natural light. We can perform evaluations of your existing equipment to ensure MERV-13 filters will not adversely affect your system performance.

Additionally, Modern Controls can pair your MERV-13 compatible HVAC system with a differential pressure switch (DPS). Evaluating the differential pressure on either side of a filter will help indicate when a filter needs to be replaced and prevent particulates from passing through blocked filters. A DPS will react to preset differential measures and reduce airflow when necessary. This will extend the life of your MERV-13 filters and prevent costly damages to your equipment.

Touchless Fixtures and Building Automation

ModernControls is one of the most trusted names in Building Automation Installation. Our team can help you minimize the number of surfaces which encounter regular and diverse contact from building occupants, reduce needless power consumption, and reduce overhead expenses.

Touchless Water Fixtures and Restroom Dispensers

Perhaps the most in-demand fixtures following the initial outbreak of COVID-19 have become touchless bathroom faucets, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, hand dryers, and automatic flushing commodes.

Bathrooms are often damp, windowless rooms at the interior of most buildings. This makes them one of the easiest locations for transmission of viruses. By reducing the need to come into direct physical contact with any of the fixtures and dispensers in the restroom, you greatly reduce the likelihood of viral spread inside your building.

Touchless bathroom water fixtures are an excellent way to reduce wastewater as well. It’s estimated that the average touchless faucet saves approximately $0.02 per user which can reduce water bills by thousands of dollars annually depending on the quantity of building occupants.

Automatic flushing commodes are not only a great means for reducing contact surfaces in bathroom stalls, they also ensure the lavatory is properly cleansed after each user, potentially reducing maintenance and cleaning expenses.

Touchless potable water coolers and bottle fillers are another in-demand fixture following.

Motion-Sensing Lights

A light switch is a commonly used but seldom sanitized fixture in every building. Lights also demand a lot of energy to operate and, when needlessly left on, are one of the largest contributors to excessive electric bills.

Motion-sensing lights can be implemented quickly and relatively inexpensively into any commercial building. Whether you want motion sensing switches or lights which tie into security motion sensors, these fixtures help reduce contact surfaces for building occupants and greatly reduce overhead electric costs.

Using motion-sensing lights in restrooms, warehouses, offices, and parking garages is proven to save thousands of dollars every year for building owners and they are easy to program and maintain after installation.

Remotely Programmable Thermostats

Maintaining a consistent and comfortable building temperature is important for a number of reasons: occupant satisfaction, energy expenses, preserving stored supplies and inventory, and more. Having a smart thermostat which can adjust energy consumption based on occupant detection, different temperature zones, and time of the day is a great solution for every business owner.

Thermostats can become a high-contact surface in many buildings, so having a remotely programmable thermostat erases the need to manually adjust temperatures at the thermostat.

Automation Efficiency Monitoring

ModernControls’ building automation services include full efficiency monitoring technology for building owners. Whether you own one building or multiple properties, our automation platform will help you monitor energy efficiency in real-time for optimal cost savings and occupant satisfaction.

With ModernControls’ automation platform, building owners can remotely manage core systems from anywhere. Whether it is simply turning off lights in an unoccupied room, adjusting the temperature or lowering the differential pressure in an exhaust duct, it’s easy to monitor and react to inefficient or problematic performance.

For owners of multiple properties, ModernControls’ building automation platform provides valuable comparative data. Understanding the relative expense per square foot of different properties allows building owners to quickly identify inefficient operations or occupants.

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