Tech Talks: Control Systems – Integration: HVAC and Non-HVAC

Tech Talks: Control Systems – Integration: HVAC and Non-HVAC

December 2021

Welcome to ModernControls Tech Talks. In our third series, we discuss Control Systems.

In this video we discuss dealing with HVAC and Non-HVAC components within an integrated system. At ModernControls, we take a holistic approach to achieve a synergy between the different parts of your building and ensure that these components can work together as one.

ModernControls assists businesses and facilities managers in implementing building automation (BAS) and creating healthy working environments while helping reduce overhead operating expenses. Our clients gain more control over their HVAC systems and spend less time managing system performance, resulting in a wide range of benefits including cleaner circulated air, improved employee safety and morale, lower carbon emissions, controlled operating expenses, and worry-free HVAC maintenance and cleaning.

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Tech Talks: Control Systems – Integration: HVAC and Non-HVAC

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