Tech Talks: Indoor Air Quality Overview – Part 1

Tech Talks: Indoor Air Quality Overview – Part 1

May 2021

Welcome to ModernControls Tech Talks. In our first series, we discuss Indoor Air Quality.

In this video we discuss the importance of air quality for a comfortable, healthy working environment.  Obviously your HVAC needs to set and maintain comfortable temperatures for each zone inside your building.  Did you know that your HVAC is also responsible for clean, breathable air as well?

Improved air quality ensures an ideal working environment for people suffering from asthma, seasonal allergies, and respiratory illnesses.  It will help reduce the spread of airborne viruses like flu, the common cold, and COVID-19.  It will help prevent symptoms of poor air quality such as sleepiness, dry eyes, coughing, and sneezing.

Improving air quality helps improve your working environment.  See more from our Tech Talks series on air quality at the links below.

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In our video series on air quality, Corey Ferguson, CEM of ModernControls, walks you through the basics of air quality assessment, common ways to improve air flow, air purification tactics to eliminate airborne contaminants, and how ModernControls can help your business create a healthier working environment.

ModernControls assists businesses and facilities managers in implementing building automation (BAS) and creating healthy working environments while helping reduce overhead operating expenses.  Our clients gain more control over their HVAC systems and spend less time managing system performance, resulting in a wide range of benefits including cleaner circulated air, improved employee safety and morale, lower carbon emissions, controlled operating expenses, and worry-free HVAC maintenance and cleaning.